April 2024 Mayor’s Report

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Torrey, Utah
PO Box 750027
Torrey, UT 84775

Mayor’s Report

April 2024

March & April Activities

  • Pedestrian Safety in Torrey
    • I met with Cody Marchant, Traffic Operations Engineer Region 4, to discuss pedestrian safety in Torrey.
    • UDOT will move the east bound pedestrian sign, currently at approximately 210 West, to 100 West and add “Heavy Pedestrian Traffic for the next ½ mile” to both pedestrian signs.
    • UDOT will not consider dropping the speed limit on Highway 24
    • A possible solution for pedestrian safety is no parking on Highway 24.
      • We agreed this was not the best solution
  • Center Street Culvert replacement
    • The culvert has been replaced
    • Road base was added to make the roadway passable
    • Paving will be later in the spring after temperatures warm up
  • Grant work
    • Walking path
      • The grant request was submitted on March 15
      • The match amount had to be adjusted to $4125
        • The required cash match is 10% of the project total not the grant amount requested ($30,000)
    • Replacing the Sand Creek Bridge
      • Kelly Chappell created a project plan for replacing the bridge from the current Road Maintenance Master Plan
      • Battalion Chief James Austin, Assistant Fire Chief Chris Whettan, Teresa Brian, Wayne County Emergency Manager, and Sheriff Mica Gully signed letter of support
      • Richard is getting signatures from residents
      • No word from Congresswoman Maloy’s staff when the submission window will open
    • New Town Hall
      • Kelly Chappell is working on the design update
      • This is a lower priority than the Sand Creek Bridge replacement
    • Outdoor Recreational Planning Assistance (ORPA)
      • Torrey has applied for ORPA grant
      • This grant is for technical assistant with a designer not a monetary grant
      • This is the same program that Bicknell used to design the community garden and pavilion
      • Torrey will complete the outdoor recreation master plan that includes community garden and biking paths and other outdoor amenities that citizens would like to have.
  • Utah League of Cities & Towns (ULCT) Spring Conference
    • The ULCT spring conference is April 17 – 19
    • I will be meeting with other resort cities & town mayors to strategize ways to inform the state government of the issues and needs of gateway/resort towns such as Torrey
  • IT updates
    • Discovered that the website configuration was not correctly setup when the site was moved to the new server
    • Working with Xmission to correct the configuration
    • Posting to the website will be limited until this issue is resolved