Torrey Town Council Work Meeting

PO Box 750027

Torrey, UT 84775

Notice is hereby given that the Mayor and Members of Town Council will hold a Town Council Work Meeting Thursday the 20th day of May at 6:30pm at the Torrey Town Hall located at 75 E 100 No.  Note the agenda may be accelerated, or line items may be discussed in any order. The agenda shall be as follows:

Welcome Mayor Scott Chestnut

                Ⅰ Welcome/ opening remarks

                Ⅱ Roll Call

                Ⅲ Pledge of Allegiance

                Ⅳ select new planning and zoning committee member

                Ⅴ speed limit signs

                Ⅵ Budget

Citizen Concerns


Dated this 18th day of May.  This notice was posted at the Torrey Town Hall, Chuckwagon bulletin board, Post Office, Torrey Town Website, Utah Public Notice Website and delivered or emailed to each member of the Torrey Town Council.  A closed session may be held pursuant to UCA 52-4-4.  Backpacks, purses, drinks or containers are not allowed at the meeting.  The meeting will be held in person.