March 9, 2023- Torrey Town Council Minutes

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Torrey, Utah
PO Box 750027
Torrey, UT 84775


Torrey Utah

PO Box 750027

Torrey, UT 84775


Mayor and Members of Torrey Town Council held the regularly scheduled Town Council Meeting on Thursday the 9th day of March, 2023 at 6:30 pm at the Torrey Pavilion located at 75 E 100 N.  The agenda was as follows:

Welcome Mayor Mickey Wright

Administrative Business

                Welcome/ Opening Remarks

                Roll Call

Present: Mayor Wright, Doug Robinson, Jordan Pace, Pearl Thorndahl-Stewart, Pat Kearney, Dustin Oyler, Colleen Dudleson, Karen Mayne, Dave Love

                Pledge of Allegiance: Lead by Pat Kearney

Review & Approve Minutes of February 9th Regular Town Council meeting. Pearl made a motion to approve the minutes, Pat seconded the motion and all council members voted to approve the minutes.

Review & Approve Minutes of February 6th Town Council work meeting. Pat made the motion to approve the work meeting minutes with the corrections noted. Pearl seconded the motion and all Council members approved; the motion passed.

Agenda Requests/Discussion

Jaron Potter, Water Connection. Mr. Potter has submitted his application for a stock water meter. The stock meter was previously approved. Pat made the motion to approve the stock meter for Mr Potter. Jordan seconded the motion and all council members voted to approve the motion.

Mayor Business

Review Mayor’s Report: A copy is included in these minutes.

In the March Mayors Report, Torrey culinary water usage was corrected from 100,000 gallons to 10,000 gallons monthly for 32% of residents. Discussion continued about the number of gallons used monthly in the Torrey water district.

The RFP (request for proposal) for the Community Project Funding Grant is now open and closes on March 15, 2023. Grant proposals which mitigate a public safety issue are grants with no matching funds required from the town.

Kelly Chappell, from Ensign Engineering, provided all needed documentation except for the letters of support. Torrey Town staff and council members are in the process of getting signatures of support.

The possibility of Torrey establishing a Justice court was discussed by the Council. Mayor Wright suggested that an expense cost benefit analysis will need to be performed for consideration. Mayor Wright will discuss a coordinated effort with the other towns in Wayne County.

Town Business

Discussion Fire Station Light issue:

In 2022 there was a complaint filed with the town that fire station lights are on all the time. Mayor Wright spoke with Dennis Blackburn to inform him of the issue.  The lights are night sky compliant but must be on a motion sensor or other mechanism to turn on as needed.  Lights should not be on all night when not necessary. Solutions were discussed. One solution is to only have the lights on if there is an emergency service.

              Discussion about Farmer’s Market:

Dianna Poulton discussed the seasonal Farmers Market and displayed marketing materials. Dianna is associated with the Wayne County business association. The market liability insurance is provided by the business association. The Vendor business licenses are covered under the farmers market business license. The special event permit is through Wayne County. Dianna has an encroachment permit through UDOT. Additional insurance concerns were discussed.

Safety issues were addressed due to the number of vendors and people attending. The discussion included remarks about 3D crosswalks, traffic control and assistance from UDOT. Also closing Center Street during the hours of the farmers market was reviewed.

Pat made a motion that during the Farmers Market 2023 event, the town have a detour sign on both ends of Center St where the vendors are set up. Doug seconded the motion.

Voting In favor: Pat Kearney, Pearl Thorndahl-Stewart, Doug Robinson, Mayor Wright

Apposed: Jordan Pace. The motion carries, four in favor and one opposed.

A discussion was held regarding the Torrey public roads grant:

The proposal for phase A includes resurfacing Center Street to Sleeping Rainbow Road and the Bridge update. Phase A will cost $2.9 million.  

Fortunately, if there is a public safety concern there is no matching funds required. Grants are administered through UDOT. Next year Torrey will apply for additional funds.           

Discussion of water rates:

A discussion was held about culinary water rates at the Monday, March 6 Town Council work meeting.

A suggestion was made to consider lowering the base rate of gallons from 30,000 to 20,000. Base rates in many neighboring towns is 8,000 gallon. Records indicate that the adjustment will affect very few residents. Adjustments will be reviewed to include residential rates only, not commercial rates. 

The Public Hearing to discuss water rates will be scheduled for 6:30 PM prior to the next Town Council meeting on April 13, 2023.

Pearl made the motion to have a public hearing on April 13,2023, prior to the next town council meeting, to discuss the base volume for Torrey water billing. Pat seconded the motion. All council members voted to approve.

A discussion was held about the water impact fees that need to be spent this year, on items such as water meters, water clerk, and computer equipment.

A Discussion was held to address the travel per diem rate for Employees. The federal rate for mileage is 65.5 cents per mile and $59.00 for meals per day.

Pat made a motion that we adopt the federal rate for milage if you travel in your own vehicle 65.5 cents per mile will be used for reimbursement. For food and lodging, the rate will be based on receipts turned in after travel. Jordan seconded the motion and all council members voted to approve.

Clerk Report – Karen Mayne                                                                                                                                                      

                GRAMA Requests:  There were no GRAMA requests.

Business Licenses renewal letters have been mailed. Business licenses are renewed on May 1st.   The Short-Term Rental licenses have all been renewed and the new licenses have been sent.

Clerical Help, Karen and Coleen discussed ways in which the town office can use additional clerical help. Clerical help would be particularly helpful during the water bill mailing as well as with special events activities. Pat suggested that we advertise that position.

The Town Office received notification of an open house scheduled for the Color Country Animal Welfare; the Open House will be March 15, 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM.

                The Town April Newsletter will provide details of the Torrey Town Clean-up, May 1-6.

The Torrey Park, Dark Skies Star Parties for 2023 are scheduled for: Friday, May 19; Friday, June 30; and Saturday, September 16.

Financial Report Colleen Dudleston

The Torrey Annual Budget Review was discussed. The city budget is on track thus far.  

The Cemetery budget was reviewed and discussed, including the fencing project.

The February 2023 financial report was discussed. Pat made a motion to approve the financial report and pay the bills. Pearl seconded the motion. All Council members voted to approve the report and pay the bills.

The need to identify last summer’s flood damage costs was discussed. That information will be used in applying for grant funding.

Doug asked if Torrey had tested the culinary water for radon gas. A discussion followed.  

Council Reports

Pat Kearney: Pioneer Cemetery, Cemetery, Trees & Office

Pat announced that the Fencing project has begun and will be done in phases.

The Arbor day celebration will be held on May 26, 2023. More information is to come.  

Doug Robinson: Water Report

A reference declaring Torrey’s interest in Fremont Irrigation recently came to light. Torrey’s involvement was recorded in a 1935 decree that was updated in 1963 and 1971. This may be an opportunity to have irrigation water available to the town.

Doug will look further into the possible irrigation water for Torrey.

Jordan Pace: Water, Roads

Jordan received a request from the Planning and Zoning Commission for Council members to provide comments for the Planning and Zoning Commission to address while updating the Torrey Town general plan.

The council suggested moving the empty Wayne County Sherriff vehicle from Main Street.

The council received a Letter from a Sleeping Rainbow resident regarding the lack of speed limit signs on Sleeping Rainbow. A discussion was held about the appropriate speed limit.

Jordan discussed the State of Utah requirement for eliminating lead pipes.  The issue will be discussed later after receiving more information. The council was informed that those residents refusing to have their pipes inspected may affect their future ability to sell their homes

Road damage has been observed on Sand Creek Road from Forest service trucks delivering gravel.

Entrada fence permit needs to be reviewed due to Torrey right-of-way requirements. Discussion followed. Several Council members will be involved in the resolution.

Pearl Thorndal-Stewart: Park, Pavilion, Post Office, & Town Events

The Torrey Post Office has a new sign posted on the exterior of the building that should eliminate large unwanted items being left outside.   

Doug spoke to the local Post Office Supervisor about Torrey not having a key to the post office and the cleaning of the building.

Water will be turned on in the pavilion in April. We will need to have the toilets running for the Easter egg hunt on April 8th. Lots of fun is planned for the Easter Party.

The grant status for the Torrey Park equipment should be known on Monday March 13, 2023.

Maintenance Report Dustin Oyler

Next week Dustin will start burning ditches and along the old canal. Discussion began about creating a Culvert on Juniper drive to channel water.

P&Z Report – Dave Love

Six Counties staff Tyler Timmons and Brock Jackson are helping the Planning and Zoning Commission edit the general plan. The P&Z will edit and refine it before presenting it to the Town Council.

Dave discussed making changes to the building permit ordinance. Dave will be working on alterations.

The next focus will be to create an ordinance for future Subdivision requests.

Old Business

PAT questioned the Mayor about the MOU with Forest Service- Mayor is working on it.

Public Comment

A question was posed regarding lighting on residential driveway and observance of the Dark Sky Ordinance. Discussion followed. Lights installed prior to 2018 lights are grandfathered in.


Pearl made a motion to adjourn the meeting, Jordan seconded the motion. The motion passed     unanimously. The meeting adjourned at 8:51PM