October 2023 Mayor Report

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Torrey, Utah
PO Box 750027
Torrey, UT 84775

Mayor’s Report

October 2023

September & October Activities

  • Eclipse
    • Hoping for clear skies
    • Will setup solar scope and 8” scope with solar filter at the town park
    • Will have some eclipse glasses to hand out
  • New Flag Display
    • Flags will be displayed at the DUP
    • Volunteers purchased big flag for the Big Apple
    • Dustin designed and is building new flag stands that handle the wind
    • May have enough flags to put on the south side of 24
  • Water Tank Construction Project
    • Construction continues on the water tank
    • Dustin will have more in his water department report
  • Code Enforcement
    • Brock drafted resolution to create an administrative process to enforce town nuisance ordinance.
    • It provides a process of enforcement, appeal, resolution
    • The draft resolution and enforcement letter will be posted on the website and copies available at the office
    • Will need to review, discuss, and hold public hearings
    • Working with Brock to review draft
  • Grant work
    • Water system upgrades
      • Applied for a $1.9 million grant from the state to upgrade several portions of the water system.   The grant money will pay to replace the 4” inch line on Main Street, complete the loop of the 8” line from Highway 24 to 325 North, replace the Sleeping Rainbow line from the chlorinator to the Sleeping Rainbow tank, and upgrade Sulphur Springs
      • Waiting for decision
    • New Town Hall
      • Submitted $1.4M grant request to CIB
      • Torrey will budget $50,000 for Torrey’s part
      • Current building will be sold and money budgeted to town hall project
      • Will do in-kind work, such as site preparation and utility installation
      • Many thanks to Kelly Chappell for his and his teams work getting the grant request ready with short notice
    • Bridge replacement over Sand Creek
      • Identified two possible grant agencies, FEMA & Department of Transportation (DOT) that provide public safety grants, which do not require any match
      • Starting the process to apply for these grants
        • The first step is meeting with FEMA and/or DOT regional officials to inform them of the project and the safety issue
    • UDOT Utah Trails Network (UTN) workshop
      • Attended UTN planning workshop hosted by UDOT and UTN officials
      • Looking at soft surface options for walking trail behind the trees
      • The Torrey segment of the Wayne County Connector will be considered during the November priority setting UDOT discussion
      • UDOT will pay and maintain any UTN trails
      • UTN is statewide and there is lots of interest throughout the state for building bike and walking trails
      • Officials from the six counties AOG and many towns were represented
  • CDBG Grant workshop
    • Pat & I this morning attended mandatory CDBG grant process meeting
    • Need to think about what grant to go after
  • IT updates
    • Updating the services & things to do sections to include businesses other than motels and restaurants
    • Updating IT documentation & processes
    • Working on the folding machine to make it easier to send out large mailings like water bills
    • XPressBillPay should be working well now.
      • If you are having problems, please call or stop by the office to inform us of the problem.  We will sort it out.