October 12, 2023- Torrey Town Council Minutes

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Torrey, Utah
PO Box 750027
Torrey, UT 84775


Torrey Utah

PO Box 750027

Torrey, UT 84775



Notice is hereby given that the Mayor and Members of Torrey Town Council held the regularly scheduled Town Council Meeting on Thursday the 12th day of October 2023 at 7:00 pm at the Torrey Town Office located at 75 E 100 N.  Note the agenda may be accelerated or line items may be discussed in any order. The agenda was as follows:

Welcome, Mayor Mickey Wright

Administrative Business

            Welcome/ Opening Remarks

            Roll Call,

Present: Pat Kearney, Karen Mayne, Mayor Mickey Wright, Doug Robinson, Jordan Pace, Dave Love, Colleen Dudleston, Dustin Oyler

Excused: Pearl Thorndal-Stewart

            Pledge of Allegiance:  Led by Pat Kearney

Review & Approve Minutes.  

Review & Approve Minutes of the September 14, 2023, Town Council Meeting.

Pat Kearney made a motion to accept the minutes from September 14, 2023, the motion was seconded by Jordan Pace. All council members voted in favor.

Agenda Revisions: Doug Robinson made a motion to add the following item to the agenda: Schedule a public hearing for CDBG project. Jordan Pace seconded the motion. All council members voted in favor.

Conflict of Interest: None

Agenda Requests/Discussion:

            Janet Hansen, Corrections to the roadway in the Hansen subdivision.

Janet presented the most current survey drawing that was completed of her subdivided property. Janet explained the problems with the original configuration of the private road going through her property. Janet requested a revision to the road and explained the change to the Town Council. Pat Kearney made a motion to approve the change to the road. Doug Robinson seconded the motion and all Approved.

Diane Potter. Discussed a property split for her 2.4 acres which is in the Torrey water district however outside the town limits. She is requesting a letter of support from Torrey stating approval to provide water to the split off parcel. Pat Kearney made a motion to provide a letter of support for Diane’s division. Jordan Pace seconded the motion and all council members voted in favor.

Diane Torrey, Diane was not present, however the Council received a letter regarding the Yield sign at 100 N and 100 W. It cannot be read, the print has faded off. She also expressed the need for a stop sign on the south side of Rt 24 on town streets. Yield signs have been ordered and will be installed when they are received. The situation is being reviewed.

Sandra Dale Jaworski. Explained the overage on her water bill. The overage amount is $181 due to a leak in a soaker hose. Pat Kearney made a motion to forgive her overage since it is the first time. Doug Robinson seconded the motion and all town council members voted in favor.  

Leigh Vonder Esch. Leigh explained her wateroverage was due to a water leak. The leak has now been repaired. Pat Kearney made a motion to forgive the water leak overage. Doug Robinson seconded the motion.  All Town Council members voted in favor.

Mayor Business

Review Mayor’s October Report, copy included in these minutes.

Eclipse. Mayor Wright will have his telescopes set up in the Torrey park. Viewing eclipse glasses are available.

Garkane has generously offered to help with clean up on Monday.

The new flag display project has begun.

The new water tank will be discussed by Dustin later in the meeting.

A town code enforcement resolution is in development. A code enforcement volunteer will follow a process to respond to violations and to address escalation and enforcement reminders. Mayor Wright hopes to have the code enforcement process in place in Spring 2024.

Grants: A $1.9 million grant proposal has been submitted for water line projects. The $1.4 million grant request for the Torrey town hall has been submitted for a CIB grant. Torrey Town will match with $50,000. Ensign Engineering has been part of the proposal process. Kelly Chappel has prepared the budget.

Sand Creek Bridge grant process has been started. DOT and FEMA are involved in the process. Because it is a public safety need there will be no matching funds required from Torrey.

The Utah Trails 2013 engineering plan will be updated. UDOT pays for the trails and maintains the trails. The trail system has been included in the new Torrey General Plan.

CDBG grant training was attended by Mayor Wright and Pat Kearney. Torrey must have a public hearing to see what the public believes needs to be done.

Local businesses initiated a discussion with Mayor Wright regarding the decrease in visitors coming to Torrey. Capitol Reef gave feedback stating that visitor center signage is needed to tell visitors where the closest services are. Signage discussions will be ongoing with Visit Utah, Department of Tourism, and UDOT.

The scenic drive through Capitol Reef will be closed in 2024 from April to October. Discussions with Utah Tourism will be held. More information will be forthcoming.

Express Bill Pay is working however we still need to find a way to send the town newsletter through Bill Pay email.

Town Business

Resolution to Cancel Torrey Election – the resolution # 2023-01 was read into the minutes by Pat Kearney,



Be it resolved by the town council of Torrey, Utah

Cancels the local election when:

The number of candidates for the local offices, including eligible write-in candidates, under section 20A-1-206 does not exceed the number of open at-large offices.

Each candidate is unopposed.

The board need not hold an election for that position and the candidate is considered to be elected to the office and the board may then appoint the candidate to the board.

Passed the 12 day of  October 2023

Torrey Town

By_Mickey Wright_”


The resolution was passed unanimously by the Town Council.

Wastewater Reuse Grant – This item is tabled.

Public Hearings: The Town Council needs to hold a public hearing to receive public input for the CIB grant. The CIB grant public hearing is scheduled for 6:00pm prior to the November 9 town council meeting. Town’s application to the Permanent Community Impact Board (CIB) is for funding to build a town hall. The legal notice will be printed in the newspaper on October 26 and November 2, 2023.  Doug Robinson made a motion to hold a public hearing on November 9 at 6:00 pm. The motion was seconded by Pat Kearney and passed unanimously by the Town Council.  

Pat Kearney made a motion to hold a public hearing to hold a straw poll (receive public input) for projects for the CDBG grant. The public hearing will be held on November 9 at 6:30 pm. Doug Robinson seconded the motion, and it passed unanimously.

Ron and Carolyn Moosman Water Meter. In the Janet Hansen subdivision lot #4 was sold. The existing meter is in front of another property. The meter needs to be moved. The council decided to abandon the old meter and install a new one in the proper location. It will be the towns responsibility; Dustin will be in touch with the Property owner and correct the problem.

Torrey will plan to Open the park and pavilion bathrooms for the eclipse and all weekend. The Wayne County Business Association will assist with the cleaning of park bathrooms on Saturday.

Short term rental: A process needs to be established for short term rental license’ when one becomes available. Following a discussion, it was decided, Mayor Wright will contact the Utah property rights ombudsman for ideas. More discussion will be held. The limit on Short Term Rentals is called out in the ordinance.  

Code enforcement next steps covered above in the Mayor’s Report.

Review Torrey’s $50,000 match of town hall grant request. After the public hearing we will need a motion to approve the expense. The item will be part of the open and close of the budget in June 2024.  

Seek bids for mag-chloride to surface Sleeping Rainbow roads. The Mag chloride has shown on other roads to keep the dust down. The National Park Service has approved the use of mag chloride. The Forest Service uses it also. Pat Kearney made a motion to seek bids to coat the non-paved Torrey roads with Mag chloride, Doug Robinson seconded and all approved.

Discuss budgeting funds for a grant match to get a grant for road improvements. Matching funds for the roads grant is 10 to 20%. The Treasure, Mayor and Town Council will review the Torrey budget to see what we can match.  

Discuss creating a designated ATV route through Torrey. A discussion was held regarding the placement of ATV trails. An extensive discussion will be held on another date.

Mayor will get more information and the Town Council will revisit in the November Meeting

Clerk Report –Karen Mayne

GRAMA. – None

Building permits – two applications for building permits, Jermey Kirby and

Cass Bromley at 83 W 23 N.

Financial Report Colleen Dudleston

September 2023 Financial Report Review and Discussion. Credit card expenses were reported and reviewed. The water bill mailing has gone from 436 to 363 this month.  Jordan Pace made a motion to accept the financial report for September with some corrections and pay the bills Pat Kearney seconded the motion and all voted unanimously to approve. Colleen will follow through by researching the B&C road deposits.

  Council Reports

Pat Kearney: Pioneer Cemetery, Cemetery, Trees & Office.

The deeding of the small cemetery parcel is in process. Trimming of trees will begin after the eclipse event.

Doug Robinson: Water.

The concrete for the water tank lid is poured. In approximately three weeks, the contractors will leak test the tank. The Tank is expected to come online this spring of 2024.

Jordan Pace: Water, Roads.

Jordan is considering using Perma patch for potholes in front of the schoolhouse.

Pearl Thorndal-Stewart: Park, Pavilion, Post Office, & Town Events. No report.

Maintenance Report Dustin Oyler,

Soon Dustin will be turning sprinklers off and will winterize the system. He will also winterize the Garkane bathrooms. Dustin is still getting bids on the electrical repairs needed in the pavilion and bathrooms. Dustin has only one bid at this time.

Pat asked about the timeline on the Center St. culvert repair. Torrey Canal Irrigation requires the culvert project be engineered.  Dustin will see which engineer can be used.

Pat asked about the replacement of the surface in the Big Apple. Dustin said it will be rebuilt.

P&Z Report – Dave Love.

Two building permit applications were received and reviewed last month; Jeremy Kirby and Cass Bromley. Planning and Zoning is still reviewing Matt Kay’s house plans. Larry Harper has submitted a second application to add electrical to his shed.

The General plan was finalized and will be emailed this week. Dave will send out Draft 8 to Mayor Wright. Draft 8 includes a zoning map.

The subdivision ordinance is still being developed.  

Old Business

Update discussion of the abuse of the donation box. Keep or remove? The donation box will remain, thanks to two volunteers: Betty Scholes and Lynn Harrach.

Public Comment:

A question was asked by Nancy Roth about the use of mag chloride in the National Parks. Nancy stated that Mag Chloride is an irritant to dog paws and controversial regarding corrosive exposure to vehicles. Nancy also asked about the status of the short-term rental license available. A short discussion was held.

Congressional Candidate Kathleen Riebe visited the council meeting and introduced herself.


8:40 PM Pat Kearney made a motion to adjourn. Jordan Pace seconded the motion and all council members approved.