November 11, 2021 – Torrey Town Council Minutes

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Torrey, Utah
PO Box 750027
Torrey, UT 84775

Notice is hereby given that the Mayor and Members of Town Council will hold the regular scheduled Town Council Meeting on:

at the Torrey Town Pavilion located at 75 E 100 No. Note the agenda may be accelerated or line items may be discussed in any order. The agenda shall be as follows:

November 11, 2021 

Minutes of Torrey Town Council Meeting             

Meeting commenced at   PM

Mayor Scott Chesnut welcomed all present in person and from Zoom land.   Jordan

Pace gave the pledge of Allegiance followed by roll call.  Present were Mayor, Colleen

Duddleston Treasurer, Council members Pearl Thorndal-Stewart, Jordan Pace and Pat Kearney, Jordan Pace 

A motion was made by Pat, seconded by Pearl to accept the minutes from  Oct 2021, 2022 Motion passed unanimously.

Discussion took place about the backflow and cross connection ordinance. A motion was made by Pat and seconded by Jordan to hold a public hearing for cross connection and backflow ordinance. Motion Passed 

Clerk Report:  Report was given by Jordan standing in for Mel Pace. Report on the canvassing of returns from the municipal general election. The calendar general canvass held November 2nd results are as follows: 2 ballots were not surrendered but replaced. 2 ballots came in after the votes were counted but were post marked November 1st.  A motion was made to approve the canvass by Pat and was seconded by Pearl. Motion passed. 

A consideration to approved proposed updates was discussed. Clarifications were made on livestock and an addition to the definition of approved dwelling. A motion was made to approve the updates to the Torrey Town zoning ordinance was made by Pearl and seconded by Pat. Motion passed.

The December Town council meeting was discussed, and a motion was made by Pat to cancel the December meeting and was seconded by Pearl. Motion passed. 

Discussion on resolution of setting fees for the 2021 fiscal year. This was followed by a discussion on water fees.  A Motion was made by Jordan to approve the resolution and was seconded by Pat. Motion approved. 

A motion was made by Jordan for the public hearing on the CDBG grant to be held the first week in December on December 3rd at 5:00 PM. This motion was seconded by Pat. Motion passed. 

Christmas bonuses were then brought up and discussed. Council decided against money and opted for hams. 

Old Business 

The water engineer’s report is not finished, and Dustin will contact them to check on the report. Council would like the report by January. 

The spring development project will be finished by next spring. 

Treasurer Report: The monthly financial report was presented for the council approval. A motion to approve and pay bills was made by Pat and Seconded by Jordan. Motion Passed. 

Council Reports:

Trees & Cemetery– Pat informed the council that today is Veterans Day and flags were put out. New flags were ordered, and the old flags will be retired. 

Water Updates: Doug Robinson was not in attendance to give report. 

Roads: Jordan Pace reported there was a concern made by Paula Pace about potholes and brush at the end of her driveway. The driveway is private as far as Jordan knows. Discussion was held about existing potholes and Dustin will examine them to see if they are on town property. 

Park, Pavilion & Town Events: Pearl reminded council of the Ho Down being held on December 2nd at 6:30pm. She advised the council that the inside of the post office would be painted on Saturday.

IT Report:  Mickey reported that Mel is doing a good job with IT.  

P&Z Report: The P & Z meeting will be moved to next Thursday the 18th.  Mickey stated we need 4 copies of powers and duties books. Mickey put in a request to Jordan Callmoore on the HB82 for clarification on short term rental owner occupied and will check back with him.

Maintenance: Dustin informed the council that Christmas lights would go up next week and that new one had been ordered for the post office. A report was given on the pellet stove for the rental house. The stove is on its way still. 

Agenda Requests:  Courtney Cropper put in a request for water for his cows. He states he will pay overage rates. A discussion was held about the meter and use. It was stated that if Courtney made an agreement with the Sullivans that when he is finished the meter would then be unhooked. If this is the arrangement, he could use the water. This needs to be a written agreement between Courtney and Sullivans. A motion to approve the use of water contingent on the letter being brought into the town was made by Pearl.  seconded by Jordan. Motion passed. 

General Complaint/ Citizens Concerns.  John Dillenbeck addressed the council about the actions that took place on Election Night. He let it be known that he did not approve of the actions of certain individuals. 

Meeting closed at  PM.   A motion was made by Pat to adjourn the meeting Scott seconded the motion. Motion passed.