May 9, 2023 – Special Torrey Town Council Minutes

Download the Minutes PDF using the link below.

Torrey, Utah
PO Box 750027
Torrey, UT 84775


Torrey Utah

PO Box 750027

Torrey, UT 84775


Notice is hereby given that the Mayor and Members of the Town Council held a special Town Council Meeting on Tuesday the 9th day of May, 2023 at 5:00 pm at the Torrey Town Pavilion located at 75 E 100 No.  The agenda was as follows:

Welcome Mayor Mickey Wright

Roll Call:

Present, Mayor Wright, Doug Robinson, Kelly Chappell, Dustin Oyler, Pat Kearney,

Jordan Pace, Karen Mayne

Excused: Pearl Thorndal-Stewart

Kelly Chappell:  Review and discussion of The Torrey Water Master Plan. The bound plan was distributed.

The study was funded by the State Division of drinking water. This is a high-level review of Torreys water system. Evaluation and recommendations are given regarding storage, distribution, and water sources, etc.

Discussion included:

Kelley Proposed three alternatives to find sources for future water needs.

1. Do nothing and Torrey will not meet state code in the future.

2. Recommended Alternative – Find a location to drill a Deep-water source in Donkey flats area. This process was outlined by Kelly. 

3. Treat Fremont River Water. In this case Torrey will need to build a treatment plant.

The following discussion included the cost associated with the development of water sources, impact fees and connection fees. 

A copy of the Torrey Water Master Plan will be posted on the town website and a copy will be in the town office.

Adjourn: Pat Kearney made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 6:48 PM.  Jordan Pace seconded the motion and all council members voted in favor.