June 9, 2022 – Torrey Town Council Minutes

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Torrey, Utah
PO Box 750027
Torrey, UT 84775

Notice is hereby given that the Mayor and Members of Town Council will hold the regular scheduled Town Council Meeting on:

at the Torrey Town Pavilion located at 75 E 100 No. Note the agenda may be accelerated or line items may be discussed in any order. The agenda shall be as follows:

 June- 9th  2022

 Torrey Town Council Meeting  Meeting started  at 7 pm

 The Mayor welcomed everyone in person and in zoomland.

 Roll Call:  Mayor, Jordan, Pearl, April, Collen, & Doug were present.  Pat is excused.

 Jordan led the Pledge of Allegiance

 May’s minutes were not sent out. Not approved

 Mayor Business

 Jared the regional manager for udot, talked about speed limits. There has to be a speed study  done and costs 10 thousand dollars that is a UDOT expense. The rule will be set at 85 percent  at what they study. They were right on with what the speeds were right now. There were no new  businesses  when the study was done . May need a CCAW to put a sign and change the speed  limit. Suggestions were made to help enforce the speed limit.

 Farmers market is wanting to expand out the rock field to the north because of new vendors and  a port a potty was put out there. The area to the south is reserved for employee parking at  chuckwagon. Farmers market is  okay with the employee parking . The big issue is getting some  more rock put out. It is so dry that the dust is an issue. Looking into expenses to gravel to the  corner. It was $2000 the last time for a half a block.  The council agreed the farmers market is a  great thing and agreed to move the porta potty.

 A motion was made by Pearl to gravel  Center Street to help beautify the town of Torrey and to  help keep dust down. Jordan seconded.  Motion passed.

 Mayor gave an update on Juniper drive.  Mr . Hansen was given a water meter hook up and his  property line is about 20 feet south of the Juniper Drive, Jeff Pace’s  property runs along the  strip.  The water line was put a couple feet short of Mr. Hansen’s property. The Town  needs to  figure out how to get Mr. Hansen’s water to him. There was no documentation on that line.  There was a discussion on the documents that are being questioned. Mayor assured Jeff the  line would be  capped and taken off the property.  The town needs to discuss this issue further  on landlocked property. The land owner needs to get their own easements to get the water. A  work meeting is needed to address this issue and other water issues.

 Coleen will start providing the water data usage report. The town could not account for 4.9  million gallons.  Water quality report said we could not account for 63 percent of Torrey’s water.  We need to look into  bypass lines that are on peoples properties.

 The Grader and Fire truck Bid was not posted until some sorting out of items were figured out.

 CDBG grant was posted and Pearl was thanked for getting the environmental items done.  Sarah Moore will get back to Pearl and that section will be checked off. This grant is to fix up the  playground. The application was resubmitted.  Hopefully by September it will be funded.

 The Mayor is trying to get grants through UDOT for paving Roads.

 The bridge at the Big Apple has some panels broken and we need to get them fixed.

 Scott Faylor is on zoom and the mayor passed out a site plan. Mayor stated we have a  moratorium on new water hookups, but Scott applied in October at that time we did not have the  water. He will only need 7 ERC’s and the Mayor thinks we should grant him the hook up  because it was before the moratorium. A motion was made by Doug and seconded by Jordan to  grant Scott 7 ERC . Motion passed.  Mayor will get with Kelley to sort out the ERC’s.

 IT Report-  Nothing to report

 Clerk  Report-  The town will need some volunteers to cover the office so the Clerk can do the  back end.

 There were some items brought up about the food trucks. The state passed legislation that food  trucks may not need licenses. We can look into it more.

 Financial Report –  Coleen discussion on the monthly bills and charges.

 A motion that was made by Pearl to approve and pay bills,  Jordan seconded.  Motion passed  Council Reports

 Doug on Water Doug inquired about the old cemetery. This will not be a possibility. The  contractors still can not get onto the forest service land on the mountain. Forest Service is doing  a wildlife assessment with birds nesting up there . Doug thinks contractors could be done with  everything in a month if they were allowed the access.  Sand creek pond is dry. Sand Creek  irrigation goes on Tuesdays and Thursdays and only gives an hour and half of water. Irrigation  water is almost non-existent.

 Jordan –  went to the springs and the fencing around it needs repair . We will have Dustin fix it.  The battery for the speed sign still can not be located. A new battery needs to be ordered.

 Pearl-  The park looks good.  Camille has cleaned the pavilion. The post office still needs the  posts and the windows stained. She needs volunteers.

 Apple days need some more volunteers for games, & need shade canopies. Stu baker wants to  bring the colors for the American Legion.  Council needs to help serve dinner on  the 1st from  5-7 pm.

 P & Z

 Mercantile parking and lighting plans were approved.

 Sky View Hotel sign and Lighting plan was approved  and Dave approved future lighting.

 P &Z made a motion to allow Dave to approve AC Ivory’s signs for the ice cream shop.

 Janet Hansen’s proposed survey was submitted to the council.

 There was a dispute about a fence between Capitol Reef Inn and Aram. The fence is 6” on  Dustin Property but the leach field is on Arams property.

 Kindred spirits didn’t get a permit for the lighting the council needs to do that. WIll be billed with  a future building permit. We need to look into changing the building permit ordinances.

 Discussed meeting between town council  and coleen allan.  P & Z next meeting will be held in the town building.

 Agenda Requests

 Color country is seeking the support of the new facility of Color country from Torrey town.  Updates were discussed in 21-22.They now offer boarding. Color Country is asking for $1000  this year in support of the town. A motion was made by Jordan to approve the $1000 support of  Color Country. Pearl seconded & motion passed.

 A request to subdivide Reo Castleton property into 3 lots.  A Motion was made by Pearl to allow  Reo to  subdivide and was seconded by Doug. Motion was approved. A letter was given to Reo  for approval.

 A request for a business license for the Color Ridge Farm for an Ice cream shop. A motion was  made by Doug and seconded by Pearl to approve the license. Motion passed.

 Capitol Reef Inn is requesting a business license. A motion was made by Pearl to approve the  business license on condition the final sale works out and seconded by Jordan. Motion passed .

 Shook Coffee Roasters business license is good.

 Citizens Concerns

 Richard stated a concern for the speed limit sign on rainbow estates. Dustin will  put up the  signs. Residents want 15 MPH signs on dirt roads in Sleeping Rainbow. Other concerns by  Richard,  and other residents were the dogs of Bridget Fabel. The conditions they are under are  inhumane.They were referred to the Utah Humane Society.  Mayor discussed the enforcement  issues we are having with the ordinances.  A request was made to pull Bridget fabel business  License.

 A motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Pearl and seconded Jordan. Motion passed

 Meeting closed at 9:19