June 13, 2024 – Mayor’s Report

Download the report using the link below.

Torrey, Utah
PO Box 750027
Torrey, UT 84775

Mayor’s Report

June 2024

May & June Activities

  • Zoom links
    • Zoom links will no longer be provided on agendas.  In the future a webinar will be created to allow individuals to listen remotely. 
  • Apple Days
    • Planning is underway
    • Need volunteers for several areas, including parade, dance, horseshoes, etc.
  • Grant work
    • Walking path
      • PKJ Design Group presented 3 designs for the walking path.  They update the designs that will then be posted on the website.
    • Replacing the Sand Creek Bridge
      • A Community Based Projection (CBP) application for $1.2 million has been submitted.
      • Torrey’s application is on the short list that was submitted to the appropriations committee.
      • Not for sure when a decision will be made
    • Outdoor Recreational Planning Assistance (ORPA)
      • Torrey has applied for ORPA grant
      • This grant is for technical assistant with a designer not a monetary grant
      • Requested an update from ORPA
  • New Grants
    • Utah Emergency Management Services Technical Assistance Grant
      • This is a grant program that provides technical assistance to develop engineering plans and grant request for various possible disasters such as flooding
      • This is a 100% grant because it provides people to prepare the plans and grant application
      • This grant will create the engineering plan for flood mitigation in Torrey
      • The technical assistant grant includes preparing the FEMA BRIC grant
    • Flood mitigation FEMA BRIC grant
      • This is the grant request to implement the plan that is produced by the technical assistant grant
      • It is a 90/10 grant.  Torrey will have a 10% match.
    • Rural Community Opportunity Grants
      • These grants cover roads, trails, etc.
      • Roads used by recreational users can be upgraded using this grant program
      • The maximum amount is $600,000
      • Gathering more information about this program since we have several roads that are negatively impacted by recreation use
  • IT updates
    • The state is starting a pilot project in R6 (formerly Six County) to provide IT support from state offices
    • Torrey will be part of the pilot project
    • Getting details about the pilot project and how it will work