January 26, 2023 – Torrey Town Planning & Zoning Minutes

Download the Minutes PDF using the link below.

Torrey, Utah
PO Box 750027
Torrey, UT 84775


January 26, 2023, 6:00pm 

Torrey Town Park Pavilion & Zoom

75 East 100 North, Torrey, UT 84775

1) Roll Call

Carolyn Moosman                                             Janet Hansen                                                     Steve Babbitt                                                      Dave Love                                                           Carrie Torrey                                                   Richard Jensen                                                   Kate Chappell                                                        Jeri Austin(E )                                                   Jordan Pace TC                                        Zoom/Public:    Reda Herriot                         Nancy Roth                                                      Mickey Wright(Mayor) 

2) Pledge 3) Call for conflicts of interest none

  • Approve Minutes from December Motion to approve minutes as written made by Steve, seconded by Carolyn. All were in Favor. 
  • update on BP Morgan Wehtje kitchen remodel, fix deck. Located at 491 W 1000 N Sandcreek Dave sent it to Eric. Plans similar this that are clear cut and do not need any conditional uses Dave will kick directly to Eric for approval. 

8)  BP packet/checks flow chart

Carrie shared the new BP check list/packet she has been working on. The group discussed this and the best idea is to move the BP to website with an editable form, that notifies if a required field isn’t filled out. This will hopefully eliminate forms missing information. Also discussed having all BP go to Eric unless they required conditional uses to free up more P&Z time. The concern before has been Eric doesn’t know our ordinances. Dave is willing to look over all plans as they come in to be sure they meet our ordinances then he will send plans on to Eric. 

Mickey Wright – Mayor along with P&Z members thanked Richard for his service over the years on Planning & Zoning. Richard’s term on P&Z was ending, and we welcomed Kate Chappell as new member. 

6) General Plan Discussion Its essentially a mission statement. Document. Goals-overage increase, water development, update website

Janet shared some wonderful notes that we all agree should be worked into the GP. 

7) Brief discussion of subdivision ordinance/summary of Colleen’s visit  

Part of the discussion was how the county will approve plans on conditions of “XYZ”, in X number of  days. Eric checks on it to be sure it’s being met.

A resource through county we could utilize is the new Attorney Michael Winn.

9) Other business (Six county Visit March 14 @11:30 am) This is a Tuesday. We have numerous members available to attend.

10) Comments from public none

11) Next Meeting February 23, 6:00pm next month need to vote on chair & secretary Motion to Adjourn Motion to adjourn made by Carrie, seconded by Carolyn