January 25, 2024- Torrey Town Work Meeting Minutes

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Torrey, Utah
PO Box 750027
Torrey, UT 84775


Torrey Utah

PO Box 750027

Torrey, UT 84775


Approved Minutes

Notice is hereby given that the Mayor and Members of Town Council held a special work meeting on date of Thursday the 25th day of January 2024 at 5:00 pm at the Torrey Town Office located at 75 E 100 North.  The agenda was as follows:

Welcome Mayor / Opening Remarks, Mickey Wright

Roll Call: Present: Pat Kearney, Jordan Pace, Karen Mayne, Mayor Wright, Richard Braaten, Dave Love.

Absent: Pearl Thorndahl-Stewart, Jordan Pace

Entrada Building Permit is on hold. The deck is in the setback and a new plan was requested by Mayor Wright. A discussion was held regarding the original permit request. There are still questions to be answered. Parking plans are to be submitted. The council has requested the entire project be presented for the building permit to be approved.

Short Term Rental License update

Nancy Roth has asked to keep the license and retain it until she has the structure built in the future. Discussion continued regarding how long a person can retain the license without a commitment. The council concluded that Nancy has the right to have the license until she is ready, as long as she pays the annual license fee.

Energy Use Tax Discussion

Mayor Wright explained that Torrey can charge Garkane and SC Broadband for the use of the town right of way. Bicknell has established the tax for their city. The mayor will research options to implement. Brock Jackson will help with the procedure. Mayor will present more information at the next Town Council meeting.

Shannon Harmer

Mayor Wright gave an update on the water connection to the council. Was a deadline imposed on the second water user. A letter will be composed as questions are answered. Karen will look back at the minutes to see.

From February 2023 Minutes (Shannon Harmer- Water Leak. February 2023)

(Ms. Harmer Wants to know how to separate her original water meter from the house below.  Discussion began regarding the best way to separate the properties into two meters. A course of action was suggested to consult with the county and an attorney to go forward in separating. Ms. Harmer has been paying for the problem for many months. Pat made a motion to forgive the remainder of the excess water charges going forward. Jordan seconded the motion, and all agreed. The motion passed.)

Events Chairman

Pat Kearney posted today for a Torrey Town event planner on Torrey’s Facebook page.  Pearl Thorndahl-Stewart’s phone number is on the ad. A discussion began as to the type of compensation to be given. Previous compensation was $2,000 for the year.  Lynn Harrack has expressed an interest in coordinating the events. Lynn will contact Pearl to express her interest

General Plan Discussion:

The outdoor plans for the walking trails will be expanded by the council. The public hearing has been held so the council may vote to approve the plan. All council members will review the final plan document. Dave Love will send out the current document.

The general plan will be an agenda item for the next meeting in February.

Setting up the Town fees need to be discussed and passed by the council.

The State of Utah is considering moving “Scenic byways” from Tourism and into DOT. Mayor Wright is working with the Utah League of Cities to address this issue.

Land use standards and setbacks are in State legislative review as are other building requirements, for housing in rural areas.  During state legislature the meetings are held every wed at noon.

Torrey’s assessment for County EMS is annual and expected to be billed at the end of the year. A letter has been sent to Torrey Town stating the assessment is now due on March first. Discussions will continue.

Adjourn: Pat Kearney made a motion to adjourn at 5:45 PM. Richard Braaten seconded the motion, and all voted in favor.