January 2024 – Torrey Town Mayor Report

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Torrey, Utah
PO Box 750027
Torrey, UT 84775

Mayor’s Report
January 2024
November, December, & January Activities

  • Congratulations to the Chuckwagon & James & Jeri Austin, Mike & Sheri Clark
    o The Chuckwagon was deservedly named Wayne County business of the year.
    o Congratulations to all the folks that make the Chuckwagon a Torrey icon.
  • Water Tank Construction Project
    o Dustin will have more in his water department report
    o Tank is complete
    o Fence is being installed
    o Remaining funds will be used paint the tanks, install mixing value, & replace some of the
    Chlorinator to the Sleeping Rainbow tank line
    ▪ This is an extension to the existing project therefore no changes to the water
    tank grant are required
  • New Street & Water Projects
    o Replacing Center Street bridge over the Torrey Canal
    ▪ Ensign Engineering is completing the design of a replacement bridge
    ▪ The current bridge is too narrow for large emergency vehicles to safely turn onto
    the bridge
    ▪ The railings have been destroyed several times by large vehicles turning
    ▪ Install stop sign & warning signs about large vehicles turning onto south Center
    o Replacing four-inch waterline along Main Street from 100 West to 100 East
    ▪ The four-inch waterline reduces the fire protection in the area
    ▪ Current firefighting standards require eight-inch lines
    ▪ Hopefully, the line can be replaced by boring much of the area to avoid having to
    dig up the road
    o Replace part of the Sleeping Rainbow waterline from Chlorinator to the Sleeping
    Rainbow tank
    ▪ This will use some of the remaining funds from the water tank project
    ▪ Will replace as much of the line as possible
  • Getting Stops signs on south side of Highway 24
    o Signs have been ordered
  • Grant work
    o Water system upgrades
    ▪ Applied for a $1.9 million grant from the state to upgrade several portions of the
    water system. The grant money will pay to replace the 4” inch line on Main
    Street, complete the loop of the 8” line from Highway 24 to 325 North, replace
    the Sleeping Rainbow line from the chlorinator to the Sleeping Rainbow tank,
    and upgrade Sulphur Springs
    ▪ The request was denied
    ▪ Working project plan to replace 4” line on Main Street with Ensign Engineering
    (See Above)
    o New Town Hall
    ▪ Submitted $1.4M grant request to CIB
    ▪ Torrey will budget $50,000 for Torrey’s part
    ▪ There is an in-person presentation in December
    ▪ The request was denied
    ▪ Looking for other ways to finance a new townhall
  • IT updates
    o Website was moved to a new server to allow for required updates
    o Website was incorrectly moved to another new server that created some operational
    issues that had to be resolved
    o Getting Elementor ($60/year), a website tool that is easier to use than WordPress to
    maintain the site
    ▪ I have to learn a new process for managing the website before installing
    o Updating IT documentation & processes
    ▪ Some of this was done over the Christmas & New Year holiday