Citizen’s Referendum

Statutory Summary of Potential Fiscal and Legal Impacts

The Town’s position is that the estimated fiscal impact of repealing portions of the amended zoning ordinance relating to gas stations is highly variable. This is the result of the practical assumption that the use of property which may have been proposed for a gas station(s) would likely be replaced with another use, and the fiscal impact of the potential uses is too broad to be subject to reasonable estimate. Placing the referendum on the ballot will result in additional cost estimated to be $1500 for the election. It is not anticipated that repeal of the parts of the zoning ordinance relating to gas stations would have any significant legal impact on the Town. 

A voter who has signed a referendum petition may have the voter’s signature removed from the petition by submitting to the county clerk a statement requesting that the voter’s signature be removed no later than the earlier of: (1) 30 days after the day on which the voter signs the statement requesting removal; or (2) 45 days after the day on which the local clerk posts the voter’s name under Utah Code Ann. §20A-7-607(2)(a).

The statement shall include: (a) the name of the voter; (b) the resident address at which the voter is registered to vote; (c) the signature of the voter; and (d) the date of the signature on the removal request.

A statement requesting removal of a signature on a referendum petition may not be submitted by email or other electronic means.