April 14, 2022 – Torrey Town Council Minutes

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Torrey, Utah
PO Box 750027
Torrey, UT 84775

Notice is hereby given that the Mayor and Members of Town Council will hold the regular scheduled Town Council Meeting on:

at the Torrey Town Pavilion located at 75 E 100 No. Note the agenda may be accelerated or line items may be discussed in any order. The agenda shall be as follows:

April 14, 2022 

Minutes of Torrey Town Council Meeting             

Meeting commenced at 6:55 PM

Mayor Mickey Wright welcomed all present in person and from Zoom land.   Pearl

Thorndal Stewart gave the pledge of Allegiance followed by roll call.  Present were

Mayor, April Morrison Clerk, Colleen Dudleston Treasurer, Council members Pearl Thorndal-Stewart, Doug Robinson and Pat Kearney, Jordan Pace 

A motion was made by Pearl Thorndal Stewart, seconded by Pat Kearney to accept the minutes from March 2022 Motion passed unanimously.

A Motion was made by Pat and seconded by Jordan to accept the March 18th Work Meeting minutes. Motion passed unanimously. 

Mayor Business: 

Mickey gave an update on the grants, affordable housing, roads, and walking paths.  

Mercantile Event Application for Auction it will be held April 23rd, 2022, a motion was made by pat and seconded by Doug to approve the application. Motion passed  A discussion about the Torrey Town post office was held. 

Discussion about the use of the Towns tractor by Bicknell took place. 

Public hearing was approved for the budget. A Work meeting on the budget will be held before the May Town Council meeting.  Motion was made by Doug for the public hearing announcement on June 9 at 6:30pm and was seconded by Jordan. Motion passed. 

Torrey Would like to put up for bid the old grader and tank truck. The fire department will need to remove their items off the truck. They will need to be split into 2 different bids. A motion to separately list bids for the grader and the tank truck was made by Doug and seconded by Pat. All bids will be Due May 15th. Motion Passed. 

The Council Addressed the issue of the attorney retiring and if we would like to use Justin Waymond. A discussion took place of the items we would need to have Waymond look at. 

Mickey made a change to the agenda to allow for Bret Larsen’s water connection application to be heard. The P & Z stated his plan was approved through them. Pat made a motion to approve the water connection application for Bret Larsen and Doug Seconded. Motion passed. 

IT Report 

Fiber has been installed at the office and is working great. A new printer for Colleen was purchased and the big printer was repaired by Les Olsen. 

The folding machine is tearing the water bills and a new will need to be purchased. 

Mickey is going to create an email for events @ torreyutah.gov

A discussion took place for the need of square to be able to run payments.

Clerk Report: The building permits quarterlies have been sent out. 

Treasurer Report: The monthly financial report was presented for the council approval. A motion to approve and pay bills was made by Doug and Seconded by Jordan. Motion Passed. 

Council Reports:

Trees & Cemetery– pat let the council know that the flyers for the arbor day / Town clean up celebration were going to be going up. She also let the council know any names that need to be added to the Veterans Memorial Monument needed to be done soon because they are coming over to put them on soon. A discussion took place about the damaged trees that are a hazard and need to be taken down. 

Water Updates: Doug Robinson reported that sand Creek Irrigation is getting vandalized. The water situation is looking grim.  The irrigation water will be turned in on Monday. 

Roads: Jordan Pace reported that stop signs are temporary while the construction is going on. Harward and Rees would like to purchase water. A motion was made by pat to allow them to buy water at the high tier rate. Jordan seconded the motion and motion passed. 

Discussion took place about rumble strips and street signs. 

Park, Pavilion & Town Events: Pearl reminded council of the Easter egg hunt at 9 AM on Saturday the 16th of April. She is working on grants for the playground. The Post office still need to be stained. The park will need a port a potty to be delivered. 

Maintenance: Dustin inquired if it’s in our budget if we could investigate a new roof. He suggested that we look into purchasing an oil furnace for the shop and recycle the oil we use to offset the cost. He stated he need a bigger chainsaw. The town told him to purchase one if under $1000 

P&Z Report: Dave stated that the lock box needs to be installed.  He stated we need to have a joint meeting with the town council and the P & Z. this should be held in MidMay. 

 Old Business: We need Justin to investigate Ordinance conflicts. Discussion was had on the ordinance conflicts. 

Discussion took place about cougar ridge water ERU request. 

November meeting minutes are still missing, and April will transcribe them and get them filed. 

Report on the sheriff’s van and the council asked pat to follow up with getting it removed. 

An old complaint on the dog nuisance was brough up and tabled. 

New Business –   Hondoo River business license came in and scope was different. A Motion was made by Pearl to accept the new business scope of horse hotel and was seconded by Jordan the motion passed. 

General Complaint- Darell Mansell put in a complaint about the Chuck Wagon lights the council agreed that the lights are complying as they are existing fixture. 

Meeting closed at 8:36 PM.   A motion was made by Pat to end the meeting Pearl seconded the motion. Motion passed.